Tami Arthur LMT, C-MLD, CLT

Benefits of lymphatic massage

Lymphedema occurs when The lymphatic system that removes waste from the body becomes damaged or impaired.  Fluids build up and cause swelling .   Swelling can be maintained or reduced with decongestive therapy (low ph skin lotion, Manual lymphatic massage, compression bandages, and gentle stretches/yoga).

Regular Lymphatic massage is not only important for maintaining or reducing swelling, but also to improve the  immune response and fight infection.

Getting regular lymphatic massage can speed up your immune response by 10 times normal.  Speeding up your recovery time from surgery by half, create an analgesic (feel good) pain response, as well as improving your range of motion by reducing swelling.

If you cannot get a lymphatic massage , you can improve your immune system response and heal by practicing deep diaphragmatic breathing, shoulder shrugs, and dry brushing.  Yoga and swimming are also ways to help push lymph fluid through your lymphatic vessels to your lymph nodes to be processed and dumped into your major veins.  Your veins then send it through the heart to be sent to liver and kidneys to be eliminated.  

Lymphatic system does not have its own pump, therefore relies on draining and filling.  Draining the adjacent regions to facilitate the movement of the effected area to the non effected areas with normal lymph flow that can handle the extra flow.